Integrated Reception Systems (IRS)


What is an IRS?

An Integrated Reception Systems (IRS) allows you to deliver multiple signals from an array of antennas, a typical system would include a TV aerial, FM, DAB aerials and, Satellite antenna which is then distributed normally via coaxial cabled to multiple viewing points, or a residents accommodation. 


An IRS digital system collects the broadcast signals from digital terrestrial (Freeview) and satellite transmitters, as well as FM radio and Digital Audio Broadcasts (DAB). All of these signals are then distributed to a 3 outlet plate within the properties, which is screened from electrical interference and which delivers all available TV channels, including both analogue and digital terrestrial (Freeview), and digital satellite Sky/SkyQ & Freesat to the resident.


Installing IRS means that residents have the option to either connect their TV equipment to pick up the existing free-to-air digital satellite or digital terrestrial television. This solution means that a resident does not have to favour any one particular supplier of TV programming.


With specific exceptions, most communal dwelling buildings are served with integrated reception systems. This means that one system supplies a number of TV services such as Freeview, DAB & FM Radio, Sky+HD, SkyQ, and foreign satellite services to all dwellings. They vary in size and performance depending upon system specifications. This type of installation is typically suited to Social Housing, Local Authorities, Private Landlords, and Commercial builders. 


As fully trained Registered Digital Installers and Sky Home Approved engineers with over 15 years of industry experience, Campbell & Kennedy Maintenance (CKM) can manage your full Integrated Reception System (IRS) installation requirements.


How Can We Help?

  • Our engineers have all been fully trained as IRS installers.
  • Our customer service team have also been fully trained to deal with calls relating to Integrated Reception Systems (IRS).
  • With our trained team we can tailor systems to your specifications.
  • All equipment can be supplied and fitted.
  • We can arrange a suitable time for installation to limit downtime to any current services.
  • You can choose when you would like works carried out (can pre-empt or wait for residents to request works).