Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV)


What is SMATV?

SMATV is a system that uses multiple satellites to create a single integrated cable signal for distribution; it is commonly used for buildings that have a network of televisions, like hotels and hospitals. This can connect you up to 30 channels at a time, so each TV could have something different to watch

We know how important it is to have an effective design that will enable you to provide a top-quality entertainment service for your tenants or clients. We can not only design a site-specific system but also carry out the installation, with efficient planning of all commercial systems.

Our commercial engineers receive the most up to date training which gives them full knowledge of any new techniques or advancement in technology.

We can design and complete complicated installations on all buildings and large complexes with confidence and with thorough knowledge of current health and safety regulations.


How Can We Help?

  • Our engineers have all been fully trained to assess and provide SMATV systems.
  • Our customer service team have also been fully trained to deal with calls relating to SMATV
  • All equipment can be supplied and fitted.
  • We can supply and design systems specific to your needs.
  • We can arrange a suitable time for installation to limit downtime to any current services.